Already missing fantasy football? Playing fantasy baseball can be a lot easier than you think

By | March 9, 2024

Wondering how you’re going to fill the fantasy sports void until football is back? One option you may overlook is joining a fantasy baseball league.

While baseball can seem intimidating – especially with its 162-game schedule over just over six months compared to just 17 weeks for football – there are ways to replicate what brings you joy from the playing field to the ballpark.

We’ve put together some tips to help ease the burden if you’re considering joining a baseball league for the first time or returning after not playing last season.

[Join or create a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league for the 2024 MLB season]

You get fantasy action every day, not just on Sundays

For those who love fantasy football, that same Sunday passion can come almost every day – all thanks to the baseball calendar. Feel the rush of Bryce Harper suiting up against Spencer Strider because one (or both) are on your fantasy team. Enjoy the show as Juan Soto shuffles into the batter’s box against Justin Verlander. Regardless of the outcome, receive instant updates in your Yahoo Fantasy app, showing where you stand in the leaderboard or in your head-to-head matchup. You don’t have to wait a week to get those competitive juices flowing. Just pick it up again with the next day’s matches.

You can make your baseball settings almost identical to your football settings

There are several formats of baseball to consider, but to keep things simple, Head-to-Head Points competitions are the most similar to football. What’s extra fun about these competitions is that fantasy managers get the same outcome every week if they win or lose. As you manage your lineup throughout the week, the result could come down to a home run in the final game on Sunday night, a starting pitcher striking out ten batters and taking the win, or even a reliever picking up a save. to tip the matchup.

It’s also easy to get into the game. You just need to make a few decisions and you’re good to go.

First choose your format. Here too, mutual points competitions are most similar to football.

Do you have friends who want to play with you? If not (or maybe you only know a few interested parties), that’s no problem. There are free public competitions and public prize competitions — in the latter case you pay an entry fee and play for cash prizes that are awarded at the end of the season. In either case, you never have to worry about finding a day and time that works for the whole group to set up. You get to choose what works for you.

In a free public competition, you can invite a friend, family member, or acquaintance to fill a vacancy, but don’t have to worry about getting enough people to fill an entire competition. Both free public competitions and public prize competitions will be filled with Yahoo players until twelve teams participate. There are also Live Draft Lobbies, where on-demand drafts are available every day, and you can join a league and make picks once all the spots are filled.

If you want to play with something other than pride, audience award competitions are a great option, but you can’t compete with someone you know, just to keep things fair.

Now if you want to play a little in the competition against your friends, family or acquaintances, we recommend that you create or join a private prize competition and invite everyone you want.

Then you get ready for the draft day, where you can even choose from your phone. Some leagues line up immediately, while others wait for a later date. Your decision.

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Ways to streamline fantasy baseball

One of the benefits of a private league is that there are many options to customize the selection and scoring settings to your needs. Commissioners have the ability to set limited positional requirements or fewer bench spaces, which means you don’t have to make as many scheduling decisions day in, day out or week in, week out. It will also make the exemption thread more fun and active as there will be more options available.

If your league mates are really into hitting, you might want to consider hitter-only leagues (meaning no pitchers). If you want to keep pitchers in the game, you can choose to limit the number of active spots, or set it to all pitchers without a starter or reliever designation. It’s your league’s decision.

If trading isn’t your thing – and you want to limit these conflicts – you can skip competitions altogether.

We’ve got your back if you need a crash course on how to play fantasy baseball or if you’re looking for a draft blueprint. We’ve also collected our analysts’ draft advice in one place so you can prepare. On draft day, you fill out your roster with the positions your league has decided to use. Here are Yahoo’s default settings, if you’d rather let us do the heavy lifting. Either way, you can rely on your own strategy to determine the best path forward. Remember: this is it your team!

If daily management feels like a lot, you have the option of going to weekly lineups to mirror the football and lighten the selection decisions. The Start Active Players tool makes filling out your lineup with players who play matches every day very easy. You may also consider limiting the number of weekly moves each manager can make so that there is less pressure to work on the waiver wire every day.

There is also the option to end the season of a competition earlier. Head-to-Head leagues can start a four-team playoff that ends the season as early as August 11. So fantasy football players who don’t want crossover between sports can be accommodated.

It’s very easy to get started with Yahoo Fantasy. Enjoy the fun and excitement that makes the season fly by and before you know it, football will be back.

Join or create a fantasy baseball league today and get ready to play with the ball!

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