Body camera footage shows the missing Mizzou student spoke to an officer before he went missing

By | March 18, 2024

New bodycam footage released Monday by Nashville police shows University of Missouri student Riley Strain walking and talking to a police officer after his last known sighting the night he went missing in Nashville.

Police said in a tweet Monday afternoon that Nashville Officer Reginald Young was responding to a car burglary call on Gay Street, south of the Woodland Street Bridge, when he saw Strain. They greeted each other briefly and Strain did not appear distressed, according to Young, who stayed in the area for 45 minutes.

There is currently no footage showing Riley leaving Gay Street after 9:52 a.m., police said. No indications of foul play have been found.

Strain, 22, of Springfield, was last seen around 10 p.m. on March 8 when he was being kicked out of Luke’s 32 Bridge Bar at 301 Broadway, a bar in downtown Nashville owned by country star Luke Bryan, according to Metro police Nashville.

A friend told police they had lost track of him and tried to use Snapchat to find his location, but were unsuccessful, police said in a news release. Strain’s friends tried calling him several times the next day, but kept getting his voicemail.

Police said in a tweet Sunday afternoon that Riley’s bank card was found on the embankment between Gay Street and the Cumberland River. Chris Dingman, a family friend for more than 40 years, told The Star it was found by TikTok users who had expressed interest in the case. He called them TikTok researchers. Part of a livestream posted by one of the creators shows the moment one of them found the card.

Strain was identified by a homeless man last week when he was reportedly walking through a homeless encampment the night he went missing.

Dingman also confirmed that the bouncer did not allow Strain to stand outside the bar waiting for his friends to close their accounts. He was taken out the side door of the bar and by the time his friends paid and walked out, he was gone.

Aaron Rummage, director of legislation, policy and communications at the Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission, told The Star in a statement Thursday that the bar is under investigation to see if there are any violations, such as over-rewarding the student .

“There are no specific rules or statutes governing how to escort intoxicated customers from their businesses or provide assistance in getting someone home. However, state law prohibits serving alcoholic beverages to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. A misdemeanor is a Class A misdemeanor,” Rummage said in the statement.

A friend called police from outside Nashville’s Central Police Station at 1:46 p.m. Saturday in an attempt to file a missing person’s report, explaining that they were in town for a fraternity formal when Strain went missing.

“We’re here on a formal fraternity trip. It’s one of my good friends,” the caller said.

Originally from Springfield, Strain is majoring in interdisciplinary studies and business administration and is also a member of the Delta Chi fraternity. Last Wednesday evening, a vigil was held at his old high school, Kickapoo High, to pray for his safe return.

A vigil was held Wednesday night at Riley Strain's old high school in Springfield, Kickapoo High, to pray for his safe return after the Mizzou senior went missing in Nashville last Friday evening.

A vigil was held Wednesday night at Riley Strain’s old high school in Springfield, Kickapoo High, to pray for his safe return after the Mizzou senior went missing in Nashville last Friday evening.

“We love him more than anything and just want him home,” Chelsea Strain, Riley Strain’s cousin, said in a statement to The Star last Wednesday.

The 911 caller said the last location of Strain’s phone was around 11 p.m. that evening, near the Central Police Station at the intersection of Korean Veterans Boulevard and 6th Avenue.

“We’re here,” the caller said when the operator told him officers were on their way the next day.

Police said they had carried out a hospital and prison check, as well as a telephone ping. Verizon was unable to get a live ping because Strain’s phone was turned off, but did provide the phone’s last known location, which was 0.64 miles southwest of the cell tower at 19 Oldham Street, according to a news release.

Detectives released surveillance video last week that showed Strain crossing North 1st Avenue onto Gay Street that evening. A lookout order was also issued, according to a news release.

Police also carried out a helicopter search of the area, including the riverbank, and a ground search last Monday with no results. The Urban Search & Rescue team conducted a deep search along the brush and bank of the Cumberland River on Thursday, according to a tweet from police.

Strain is described as a white male, 160 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was last seen wearing a black and brown button-up shirt, a black chest pocket, blue jeans, brown boots and a black Apple Watch.

Anyone who sees Strain is asked to call 615-862-8600.

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