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Why this 18-year-old wanted to share her rejection from her dream school

Nicole Laeno knew for years that she wanted to attend the University of California, Los Angeles. So on March 15, the high school student from Torrance, California, gathered with her mother, father and brother to find out whether or not she had been accepted into her dream school. To her disappointment, she was not offered… Read More »

Caitlin Clark, Kamilla Cardoso and more talk about their big night at the WNBA Draft

Not far from where Dior held its pre-fall show at the Brooklyn Museum, crowds of fans lined the street outside the Brooklyn Academy of Music early Monday afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite basketball players. It was a scene more vibrant than ever before outside of the 2024 WNBA Draft, as the… Read More »

16 protein-rich dinners with rotisserie chicken

Reviewed by dietitian Jessica Ball, MS, RD Be sure to pick up a rotisserie chicken when you leave the grocery store so you can make one of these flavorful dinners. From chopped salad to spicy enchiladas, this roundup features the convenient proteins in meals you’re sure to love. Each dish provides at least 15 grams… Read More »

12 5-star casserole recipes we can’t stop making

Every family has its recipes. The one you can expect everyone to eat and ask for, whether for a weeknight dinner or holiday celebrations. And finding the whole family’s favorite recipes makes meal prep so much more fun. Everyone wins. We were looking for recipes that just bring smiles and no (or very few!) complaints,… Read More »

6 signs you suffered from chronic gaslighting as a child, according to a psychotherapist

The back of an angry, lonely child Gaslighting is a hallmark sign of narcissistic abuse, and it is beyond toxic. That’s not TikTok talk, it’s real talk. “Gaslighting makes you question your reality, and it is a form of manipulation or abuse. A major role reversal involves victimizing the perpetrator and turning the victim into… Read More »

‘Miracle drugs’ for weight loss could have reduced health disparities. Instead, they got worse

The American Heart Assn. calls them ‘game changers’. Oprah Winfrey says they are ‘a gift’. Science magazine has declared them ‘Breakthrough of the year 2023’. Americans are most familiar with their brand names: Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Zepbound. It’s the drugs that have revolutionized weight loss and raised the possibility of reversing the country’s obesity crisis.… Read More »

I blind-tasted 9 ketchup brands – and the winner will surprise you

I still haven’t recovered. It’s no surprise that ketchup is one of the best-selling condiments in the United States. In fact, despite its roots in China and England, ketchup is considered one of the most “American condiments” around. Think of how many things we add ketchup to: fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf, eggs, barbecue and… Read More »