Home sales in Longmont, March 31, 2024

By | March 31, 2024

March 31 – The following data is from Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc., 303-744-2020. The buyer, the seller and the amount are stated.


Mary Jones: 980 Welch Ave., Matthew and Melissa Breault, $365,000.

Melissa Kelley: 356 Fickel Farm Trail, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $488,300.

Jacob and Kyle Rehmeier: 525 Capitol Reef St., Ryan and Shanda Glasener, $618,500.

Timothy and Sherilyn Jeske: 3521 Curlew Drive, Catherine Rachel Tiller, $650,000.

Chrystina Tasset: 3203 Danzante Bay Court, Josh and Elizabeth Piper, $2,950,000.


Paige Serna: 583 Sterling Lane, Corporate Properties Inc., $392,800.

Dylan Ings: 401 Sundance Circle, Cody Gray, $445,000.

Jacqueline Havens: 345 Stonehaven St. Circle, Mary Jean Frey, $590,000.

Nathan and Heather Phillips: 3482 Bluestem St., KB Home Colo. Inc., $650,000.

Aaron and Trisha Sarfaty: 3334 Bluestem St., KB Home Colo. Inc., $667,400.


Michael and Melissa Johnson: 587 Gallegos Circle, Ricky and Olivia Molina, $550,000.

Ashley Brogan: 182 Sassafras St., Brightland Homes Colo. LLC, $620,000.

Ethan and Rosamond Snow: 1253 Graham Circle, Tika and Luna Poudel, $629,000.

Aaron and Melissa Steiner: 392 Conrad Drive, Jasen and Sarah Stephany, $637,500.

Terry Torres: 3352 Tipple Parkway, Jason Legler, $689,000.

Robert Campbell: 161 Westerly Blvd., Brightland Homes Colo. LLC, $709,400.

Kevin Little: 1893 Merrill Circle W, Lennar Colo. LLC, $715,000.

David Wetmore: 374 Wheat Berry Drive, Merlin and Karen Current, $740,000.

Melanie Braytenbah: 1633 Alpine Drive, Randy Phelps, $780,000.

Justin Hueske: 1829 Myron Court, Lennar Colo. LLC, $790,000.

Dolkar Lhamo: 1815 Merrill Drive, Lennar Colo. LLC, $830,000.

Marlaina Baxter: 585 Polaris Circle, Chad and Billie Vogt, $960,000.

James Hall: 802 Carbonate Lane, Jason and Dana Lappen, $1,050,000.

W and Alicia Hoeltgen: 1045 Red Iron Court, Felipe and Rafae Tonello, $1,140,000.

William and Jean Hake: 1115 Quarry Circle, Boulder Creek Colliers LLC, $1,666,700.

Nathan and Valerie Seiler: 1814 Hickory Ave., West One LLC, $1,836,000.


Gustavo Morales: 576 Fourth St., Donald W. Polster, $230,000.

Jaime Stanton: 5282 Roadrunner Ave., Elizabeth Weatherman, $550,000.

Raghunandan Madanala: 10162 Cascade St., Alexie and Michael Svajhart, $569,000.

Sean and Erika Peppler: 8910 Foxfire St., Donald Jr. Criger, $575,000.

Austin and Megan Somersall: 12676 Cove St., Barefoot Residential LLC, $583,800.

Kevin and Mary Enright: 12677 Cove St., Barefoot Residential LLC, $590,900.

Benjamin Brown: 5115 Lake Terrace Lane, Christine A Withbroe, $640,000.

Roohallah Mobarez: 12623 Kano St., Stephanie Marie Harris, $720,000.

Brian and Brittany Miller: 6849 Saddleback Ave., Lourens and Monette Pretorius, $760,000.

Fort Lupton

Fernando Faudoa: 14512 County Road 6, Jeri E Yarbrough, $230,000.

Toby Chavez: 735 S Mckinley Ave., Debra E Chavez, $250,000.

Pedro Vazquez: 15814 County Road 18, Lisa Lea Goodman, $350,000.

Aaron and Jessica Phillips: 1000 Gianna Ave., LGI Homes Colo. LLC, $472,900.

Michael Mestas: 534 Ryan Ave., Challenger Denver LLC, $481,400.

Matthew Kolkow: 1140 Gianna Ave., LGI Homes Colo. LLC, $504,900.

Victoria Mcdowellsoto: 2101 Mountain Sky Drive, Billy Joe Brito, $510,000.

Edward Luck: 616 Raffi Ave., Challenger Denver LLC, $586,500.


Sharon Cornell: 6113 Louisville Court, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $416,000.

Melanie Herman: 5432 Bear Lane, Patricia A Davis, $486,000.

Samuel Ilstrup: 7403 Dolores Ave., LGI Homes Colo. LLC, $527,900.

Donald and Courtney Zumbrunnen: 7414 E Big Thompson Circle, LGI Homes Colo. LLC, $549,900.

Luis Trigueros: 7110 Caleb Ave., John and Jordan Winterhouse, $555,000.

Eric Johnson: 5116 Dvorak Circle, Julia and Joshua Campbell, $700,000.


Denise Belk: 1048 11th Ave., Betty L. Sherman, $229,000.

Estrella and Cielo Castillo: 841 Crisman Drive Ste 7, Danielle Leigh Calabrese, $300,000.

Daniel Sokolov: 1011 Sonoma Circle Unit F, Lois Jessup, $374,000.

Emily Cook: 234 Terry St., Warner and Christine Hersey, $400,000.

Jacqueline Mckinny: 845 Independence Drive, Jonathan Wright, $400,000.

Dylan Rea: 500 Lashley St. Unit 40, Sandra Sue Farnsworth, $402,500.

Matthew Champion: 1128 Meadow St., Mikel J Levine, $414,000.

Celine Cooper: 113 E 15th Ave., Allison Leia Edgar, $443,300.

Amanda and Fredrick Green: 255 High Point Drive Apt G207, Highlands Foxhill Homes LLC, $444,200.

Brian Connell: 942 Rose St., Ryan and Robert Loos, $450,000.

Ian and Laura Ebersole: 1232 Atwood St., Andrew J Uryevick LLC, $465,000.

Katie Kavanaugh: 1019 S Gay Drive, Juan G Molina, $465,000.

Lin Zhu: 63 Avocet Court, Geoffrey L House, $470,000.

Meri Mullins: 2824 Troxell Ave., Opendoor Property Trust I, $490,000.

Jonathan Lawson: 1309 Judson St., Lois Hutchins Living Trust, $497,900.

Timothy Brawner: 1250 Trail Ridge Road, Dat D Nguyen, $501,000.

Dane Cash: 1425 S Sherman St., Michael George, $514,500.

Jodie Mares: 164 High Point Drive, Highlands Foxhill Homes LLC, $514,800.

Amy and Grayce Sutcliffe: 937 Pinon Court, Lloyd Capital LLC, $532,000.

Philip Freiberg: 133 Grant St., Cathlin Grace Hyatt, $535,000.

John Lehr: 737 Arrowood St., Todd and Jeffrey Houghton, $540,000.

Elizabeth Thomas: 2254 Watersong Circle, Steven W James, $540,000.

Kevin Mihelich: 657 Snowberry St., Anthony J Carroll, $547,000.

Arin Scalise: 1880 Mount Sneffels St., Recycled Properties LLC, $550,000.

Carrie Vaillancourt: 1500 Calkins Ave., Beacon Properties LLC, $555,000.

Colin Baxter: 49 Ash Court, Home Brokers LLC, $555,000.

Janae Csavina: 1639 Lincoln Court, Marion Barnes Living Trust, $606,000.

Karen and Gary Masden: 2552 Wedgewood Ave., Cert Properties LLC, $612,000.

Sung Yoon: 3721 Staghorn Drive, Opendoor Property Trust I, $616,000.

Anita Small: 41 Acorn Creek Court, DFH Mandarin LLC, $619,900.

Kirk and Mary Wilkinson: 1528 Prairie Hawk Drive, Charles and Karla Harmon, $629,000.

Daniel and Madison Tsubota: 13616 Topaz Place, Melody Homes Inc., $638,900.

Joan Paskewitz: 12765 Columbine Drive, Carolyn Mueller, $644,000.

Laura and Christopher Meinzen: 3706 Columbia Drive, Shelli and Neil Sittler, $646,600.

Kyle and Haley Thiem: 1881 Trevor Circle, Edward and Carrie Trochim, $650,000.

Curtis and Grace Rindels: 1511 Mayfield Lane, Collin and Caroline Marcotte, $660,000.

Eunice Merideth: 721 Folklore Ave., Harolyn J Huerta, $685,000.

Megan and Lauren Falvey: 228 Homestead Parkway, Nicholas and Kate Mooney, $685,000.

Thomas Shook: 2905 S Flat Circle, DFH Mandarin LLC, $704,000.

Allison and Stephen Kornahrens: 415 Karsh Drive, Michael E Brubaker, $730,000.

Matt and Allison Hull: 4881 Preserve Place, Lennar Colo. LLC, $730,000.

Deborah Ludington: 4812 Preserve Place, Lennar Colo. LLC, $755,000.

Natalie Salaets: 630 Teal Circle, Allison and Craig Gapter, $825,900.

Ian Mangan: 1920 Vaquero St., Terry Torres, $845,000.

Kristi Stahli: 7258 Mount Meeker Road, Jodi Lindgren, $852,000.

Nicholas and Jessica Zangre: 1012 Katy Lane, Denis Michel Darmon, $999,000.

Tammara Lockett: 1721 Montgomery Circle, Duane and Troy Terry$1,119,000.

Erin and Adam Besen: 4767 Summerlin Place, Igor Jose Rodriguez, $2,275,000.


Howard and Dina White: 3157 Beaumont Blvd., Kelsey L Valdez, $502,000.

Jaspal Singh: 3385 Dryden Place, Landsea Homes Colo. LLC, $504,900.

Christian and Manuel Chaires: 2102 Chianina St., Charles and Theresa Hamel, $555,000.

John and Cynthia Fiala: 230 Grand View Circle, James E Rinehart, $905,000.


Elijah Sher: 8050 Niwot Road Apt 30, Blanca Olivia Barrios, $325,000.

Chester Palmer: 8902 Morton Road, Donald L. Guthals, $924,000.

Ethan and Caroline Chutkow: 8861 Marathon Road, Josh Karp, $1,325,000.

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