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By | April 2, 2024

April 2 – BLUEFIELD – Americans will decide who will be the country’s next president in about seven months, so young voters are thinking about the issues that matter to them and their possible choices when they go to the polls in November.

Students on the Bluefield State University campus recently shared their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election and the candidates. Participants in the informal Pulse of the Voters survey were asked about the issues that affect them and who they might vote for in the November general election.

“Oh, the kind of issues that are important to me first and foremost are the economic and social issues because right now it’s becoming quite difficult to live a sustainable lifestyle, especially with these current wages,” says Charles Dawson , 19, from Georgia. “But when it comes to this election, I feel like the focus just needs to be on your local governments and your local elections before we can worry about the presidential election because smaller elections lead to those things.”

“I feel like there needs to be more focus there, and socially I feel like we need a president who can do that,” he said of possible candidates. “We have been divided over the past decade and I would love to find a president who can bring us together again.”

Katrina Davis, 22, of Ohio, also said she was worried about the economy. How a candidate would address economic issues was important.

“The inflation rates and how they’re going to bring that down because since I’m a senior, I really look at those things when I go out into the real world to buy a house or something like that and I think they’re really high. do to lower them and the minimum wage, things like that,” Davis said.

“I’m really not sure who I’m going to vote for, which party,” Davis responded when asked who might get her vote for president.

The upcoming elections were not something everyone thought about regularly.

“To be honest, I try not to pay too much attention to the news,” said Ty Anderson, 20, of Bluewell. “It’s honestly a bit depressing. I try to think about who will put the country first and not their own personal agenda. That’s another reason why I don’t watch the news that much. I just think but think about who I would feel safer with.” , who is in office. I lean politically to one side and try to move away from that. To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to it because of all the drama and uncertainty I see in the news.”

Anderson did indeed have a presidential candidate in mind.

“I will probably vote for Trump. I don’t lean far right, but I align more with Republican values,” Anderson said. “I feel like he’s honestly the best option. I know he’s had a lot of personal issues in the media lately and I tend to overlook that honestly, but I think he’s the better choice, just based on my opinion.”

Laws regarding how someone can defend themselves were on the minds of another potential voter.

“One of the first things that comes to mind, at least for me, is the self-defense laws,” said Chandler Russell, 22, of Bluefield. “In West Virginia we have more castle laws, I think, so it’s more clearly defined what we can or can’t do, but in other states they still don’t; especially in Virginia, I understand that you should do more running if you can And you can’t really stand your ground if you can. And everyone’s harping on gun laws and gun regulations. I feel like we need to figure out what’s okay to do in certain situations before we start doing the individual guns.”

“Honestly, Trump is the only person I know right now who is even guaranteed to be in,” Russell said of presidential candidates and who he might vote for. “I think the Democratic primaries are still going on. I don’t know yet who the Democratic nominee is and what they will stand for, so I really can’t say for sure. I’m leaning towards Trump, but I don’t know who the other side is yet.”

The economy once again emerged with a new future voter.

“I think about all the inflation that’s happened in the last four years and everything that comes with it,” said Garrett Hicks, 18, of Bluefield. “I think whoever we put in power will have to do a better job on the economy.”

Hicks was still considering who would get his vote for president.

“I haven’t really thought about it much,” he said. ‘I need to investigate that some more. I haven’t decided yet.’

Raising the prices influenced another participant’s decision.

“I feel like it would be the economy,” said Kerry Collins, 20, of Bluefield about the issues that concern him. “Inflation is getting really bad. Many things that used to be cheap are now becoming very expensive, things that people use every day in their daily lives. Some people are struggling to afford it because inflation has become so high. shopping. Many people eat eggs and eggs are becoming very expensive. I know a lot of people buy chickens just so they don’t have to buy eggs in the stores.”

“Probably Donald Trump,” Collins said of who could get his vote. “The last time he was in power – I think I was 16 – I felt like everything was a lot cheaper in that regard and I know he’s very bad with social media and a lot of people don’t like that , but I feel like he’s done a pretty good job as general president in terms of foreign affairs, dealing with other countries and things like that.”

Rileigh Corner, 21, of McDowell County was thinking about her future profession when she thought about the presidential election.

“Okay, I’m studying education, so obviously I’m graduating in November, around the time the election happens, and I’m concerned about the school systems and like the funding for that and the resources that will be provided,” she said . “And just all things related to education, because that’s what I’m passionate about. It’s my major and that’s something that always comes up during that time.”

“I think that would be my biggest concern, yes, and I will continue to look at voting,” she said of possible candidates. “I haven’t looked into it that deeply yet, but I know this is coming, so that’s something I’ll be looking at as a priority.”

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