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seven jurors – and a warning for Trump

You are reading Guardian US’s free Trump on Trial newsletter. Sign up here to receive the latest court developments in your inbox On the docket: Trump in trouble (and seven jurors) It only lasted one day Donald Trump to end up in hot water with the judge Juan Merchan. Immediately after a potential juror left… Read More »

Kamala Harris leads Biden’s charge on abortion rights

Kamala Harris has become the face of the Biden‘s campaign attacks on Trump‘s record on abortion rights. Harris clashed with Trump during a rally in Arizona on Friday. The former president has tried to steer away from the subject. Vice President Kamala Harris ensures abortion rights remain central to the 2024 campaign. Harris repeatedly attacked… Read More »

As the medical dangers of abortion bans increase, so do Democrats’ opportunities in a post-Roe world

WASHINGTON (AP) — Angela Crawford considered herself a fairly conservative Republican for most of her life — and that’s how she voted. But then a wave of court rulings and Republican-led actions in states restricted abortion and later in vitro fertilization, the very procedure that had helped her conceive her daughter. It helped her change… Read More »

How to fix Big Tech the old-fashioned way

When it comes to tech companies, lawmakers often seem to be talking about several things at once. Sometimes lawmakers are angry at tech companies don’t take enough take action to protect their users, holding companies accountable for harm, especially harm to children. At other times, they complain that tech companies are taking too much take… Read More »

What a judge said about the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase

Between Coinbase, Custodia, Roman Storm and Sam Bankman-Fried there was one lot from last week’s news. Let’s get started. You are reading State of Crypto, a CoinDesk newsletter that looks at the intersection of cryptocurrency and government. click here to sign up for future editions. The narrator Coinbase and Custodia both lost early and preliminary… Read More »

Ex-federal judge condemns the judiciary and the entire nation for not calling Trump out again

Former federal judge J. Michael Luttig sentenced the former president on Friday Donald Trump for his repeated attacks on the nation’s justice system, calling on leaders of both state and federal courts – in addition to all Americans – to do more about it. “Never in American history has anyone, let alone a president of… Read More »

Female judges get specific about women’s health

Justice Amy Coney Barrett asked about dating a pregnancy based on ‘the woman’s story of when her last period was’. Judge Elena Kagan wondered whether a medical procedure qualifies as abortion if there is no fetal “living tissue.” Subscribe to The Post Most newsletter for the most important and interesting stories from The Washington Post.… Read More »

Biden’s Big Play for Puerto Rican Voters: From the Politics Desk

Welcome to the online version of From the Political Bureauan evening newsletter featuring the latest reporting and analysis from the NBC News Politics team from the campaign trail, the White House and Capitol Hill. In today’s edition, senior White House correspondent Gabe Gutierrez reports on the efforts of Joe Biden’s campaign and the White House… Read More »

To Raise $464 Million in Bonds, Trump Says He May Be Forced to Sell Real Estate at ‘Fire Sale Prices’

Former President Donald Trump says he may be forced to sell his ‘major assets’ at ‘Fire Sale prices’ to raise the required $464 million bond as he appeals the verdict in his New York financial fraud case York. In a motion filed Monday, Trump’s lawyers are seeking to delay bail payments while they appeal Judge… Read More »

Brett Kavanaugh knows the truth of alleged sexual abuse, Christine Blasey Ford says in book

US judge Brett Kavanaugh is not a “completely honest person” and “needs to know” what really happened on the night more than forty years ago when he allegedly sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, his accuser writes in a long-awaited memoir. Related: The US Supreme Court could still influence the election for Trump | Laurens Douglas… Read More »