The No. 1 late-night snack to help you poop in the morning, according to a dietitian

By | April 16, 2024

You don’t have to sacrifice taste for functionality with this high-fiber late night snack.

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Reviewed by dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, MS, RD

Talking about poop can be awkward if you’re not a dietitian, but it’s a bodily function that literally every human does! If you weren’t pooping at all, that would be concerning. Yet constipation is an incredibly common complaint among Americans. About 16% of adults struggle with constipation, and for adults over 60 this percentage rises to 33%.

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It’s no secret that the way we poop has a lot to do with how we eat. So if you’re worried or physically uncomfortable about not going regularly, there may be some nutritional strategies you can try.

Rest assured, you probably don’t need a trendy cleanse to stay regular. It may be tempting to opt for these so-called quick fixes, but they often only act as a short-term laxative and do not lead to lasting changes in regularity.

To clear constipation, taking certain nutrients regularly can help you stay regular. Plus, these nutrients help with much more than just digestive support. A good opportunity to add more constipation-fighting foods into your day is during your nighttime snack. This is a time of day when we often prefer sweets and chips, but some late night snacks can help you poop in the morning. Find out what to look for in the best BM-friendly morning snack:

What to look for in a snack to help you poop

The most important nutrient for constipation is fiber. It is a non-digestible carbohydrate found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains. Fiber-rich foods help add bulk and water to your stool and help food pass through your system more quickly.

The latest research shows that an alarming 95% of Americans don’t eat enough fiber, which may be one reason why so many of us struggle with constipation. It’s recommended that you eat about 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories, which equates to 28 grams for a 2,000-calorie day, but Americans barely get half that amount.

In addition to eating enough fiber, it is important to drink enough water. Fiber helps draw water into the stool to make it easier to urinate, but if there isn’t enough water to do that, it can lead to further backup. So it is essential to increase your fluid intake as you eat more fiber.

In addition to fiber and fluids, also consider your added sugar and sodium intake. You may know that eating too much added sugar and salt can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, but some studies have also found a link to constipation.

As for sodium, this may be because salt attracts water, so eating too much salt can draw water from your stool, making it harder to pass. In addition, foods high in sodium and high in added sugars tend to be low in fiber.

One final note: Keep in mind that there can be other causes of constipation besides your diet, such as medications, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more. If you have been constipated for a few weeks or longer, you can consult your doctor or a gastroenterologist for support.

The best late night snack to help you poop

At night, many people reach for sweets or salty and crunchy foods such as chips. There’s one option that’s a step above the rest for keeping you regular: chickpea snacks. These are chickpeas that have been roasted until crispy and that you can make at home or buy at the store in delicious sweet and salty flavors. They are fun to enjoy while lying on the couch, and they are also great as a snack on the go. This is why they are a great late night snack to help you poop.

Chickpeas are packed with fiber

We’ve already discussed how important fiber is for preventing and managing constipation, and chickpea snacks are an underrated way to get more fiber. In fact, many Americans fall specifically short when it comes to eating legumes. One study found that less than 5% of people consume legumes daily and one in three had not consumed legumes in the past month.

Roasted chickpea snacks are an easy and delicious way to get more legumes and fiber late at night. Each ¼ cup serving contains approximately 5 grams of fiber – 18% of the daily value. They are especially high in soluble fiber, which helps attract water and makes stools pass more easily.

Remember, since chickpea snacks are dehydrated and fiber needs moisture to do its job properly, you need to be extra sure to drink water when eating this tasty snack.

Chickpeas provide a good source of prebiotics

Prebiotics serve as fuel for the healthy bacteria in your intestines, your gut microbiome. Research has shown that chronic constipation may be linked to an unhealthy gut microbiome and that prebiotics may help manage chronic constipation in adults.

That’s where chickpea snacks come into play. They are a great source of prebiotics so they can support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

In fact, eating sources of prebiotics like chickpeas and other legumes throughout the day is important to support an overall healthy gut microbiome and help prevent not only constipation, but other gut problems as well.

Chickpeas are adaptable

Finally, we love that you can really customize the flavor profile of chickpea snacks to suit your taste preferences. You can make Cinnamon-Sugar Roasted Chickpeas, Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas, or even Everything-Bagel Crispy Chickpeas. If you prefer to buy them ready-made, you can also find sweet and savory flavors on supermarket shelves.

In short

If you’re having trouble staying regular, don’t forget your nightly snack. It’s a time when many people enjoy foods high in added sugars and sodium – two things linked to constipation. Whether you like savory or sweet food, chickpea snacks are a great way to get a fiber boost before bed so you can poop in the morning. Check out these 8 Crispy Chickpea Snack Recipes to make your own at home.

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