We asked Rob Lowe what he eats while on set – here are the 5 lunches in his rotation

By | February 22, 2024

Moreover, the actor shares his morning and night routines.

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Reviewed by dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, MS, RD

Rob Lowe turns 60 next month – yes, really. And in this exclusive interview with Good foodthe actor and current presenter of The floor talks about the lifestyle habits he maintains for healthy aging.

We first spoke with Lowe in October about his favorite Atkins snacks, his ideal last meal, travel tips and more. Now, thanks to his partnership with Atkins, we’ve taken a closer look at Lowe about his daily rituals, plus the nutritious lunches he enjoys while busy on set, and his views on sobriety. Read on for the personal details.

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Good food: Now that your birthday is approaching, do you have any advice about healthy aging?

Lowe: I think it’s two things: body and mind. For the body, it’s about a consistent regimen that is sustainable. It’s not a specific diet, it’s a way of life. That’s why I’ve been the spokesperson for Atkins for years, because I’ve been eating like this since I was 30: low carb, lots of healthy protein and trying to keep an eye on my sugar levels. It is sustainable, feasible and easy. I also exercise a lot, which is more for my mood than anything else. It really helps my mind and my thought processes, and it’s usually outside. I think being outside is super, super important, even if you live somewhere where the weather is not so nice. And sleep is huge. I’m lucky that I sleep well and sleep a lot.

And then the spirit of it, which I think is almost more important than the body element, is maintaining a natural curiosity about life. Still curious, still interested and involved and open to new things and actively looking for new things and memories so that you have great stories for your life. These two things together I think are a great recipe for anyone; it certainly has been for me.

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Good food: Do you have a morning routine that you stick to? Night routine?

Lowe: My life is more or less divided into the moments when I am working and taking photographs, or when I have some free time and am at home for a long time. So when I’m at home I try to sleep in, because when I work I always have to get up. I’m trying to milk that clock as long as possible. When I wake up, I start with a cup of coffee, do a little prayer, a little meditation, and then go to the gym. And then, after the gym, I eat my first meal and then go do the busy work that I have to do: office work, emails, that kind of thing. In the afternoon I try to get outside somehow, whether it’s surfing or walking, whatever to get out into the world, get the sun on your face and air in your lungs. In the evening I spend time with the family and the dogs, it’s simple. My life is very, very, very simple when I am free.

When I’m working on the clock, I just start my day with some water and coffee. I drink a lot of water and then I have a nice big lunch. Sometimes I train during lunch. I did a whole TV series where I train every lunch break. It was West wing, I did it for four years. Went to the gym every day at lunch, but not so often now.

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Good food: What are some of your favorite lunches to help you stay satisfied while on set?

Lowe: I am a creature of habit. I have meals that I go through that I love. I just ate a Tostada salad with grilled chicken today, which I have at least once a week. The delicious spicy chicken from El Pollo Loco with coleslaw, maybe a little bit of beans, that’s another one. I have chicken kebabs with a little hummus and Greek salad. And I do a lightly breaded Parmesan chicken with a miso salad. By the way, these are all super tasty lunches. And I’ve been known to make an In-N-Out egg white style burger, and I drink sparkling water or water with lemon. It’s quite simple.

Good food: Do you have any advice for people looking to start their sobriety journey? Are there any misconceptions about sober living that you would like to debunk?

Lowe: It is a very personal choice for everyone. For me, I got sober on May 8, 1990 and I was at a point in my life where I knew my relationship with alcohol was a liability. I think a lot of people experience that; it can be a real disadvantage. But I think even more insidious, it’s something you only really notice when it comes to years of cumulative infinitesimal incremental negatives in your life. The idea of ​​Dry January is a testament to the people who want to experiment with, “What would it be like if I pushed this out of my life for a while?” It’s in the zeitgeist in a way that it certainly wasn’t for me years ago when I first gave up alcohol. There are so many other options these days. There are great non-alcoholic beers, there are non-alcoholic wines, there are so many mocktails.

My biggest problem as I hit my mid-twenties was that somehow I wouldn’t have as much fun, or I’d have to figure out how to have a different version of fun. I remember saying, ‘Well, what am I going to drink at Dodger Stadium? Maybe I’ll just never go again.” Because what’s the point of going to Dodger Stadium if you can’t have a beer? Of course I’ve been going for years and it’s absolutely wonderful, but there was a moment of adjustment. I think that’s made a lot easier with some of the really nice non-Alc products out there.

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Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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