Your weekly love horoscope for the week of March 18, 2024

By | March 20, 2024

Your weekly love horoscope for the week of March 18, 2024. Discover your weekly love horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Watch out for mood swings as the week starts (and if you’re in a couple, you might want to warn your sweetheart). But with this increased emotional sensitivity comes increased intuition, which is very useful in the field of love. Thursday and Friday are your scorching hot days this week. You are fierce and fearless and very attractive in terms of animal appeal. With the least effort you can make all kinds of things happen in the field of romance. This weekend, keep your good karma going and don’t criticize anyone else’s romantic choices. Instead, try to listen with compassion.


If you have someone at home to cuddle and snuggle with, the beginning of the week is the time to do that. On the other hand, if you’re single, the overtures you make now will likely find a welcoming home as well. Contact us, online or offline. Around Thursday a renegotiation is necessary, whether with a partner or with your own expectations and ideals. Be guided by the principle of give and take. As for this weekend, the stars are shining brightly on your love life and on your own sweet self. What are you going to do while you look this good?


You’ll have a possessive streak a mile wide when the week starts. Those in relationships can be helplessly jealous, while single people strive for something or someone. Do whatever it takes to break free and let go a little: meditation, exercise, primal scream. Thursday and Friday you will have become lighter and have some feisty, smart energy. Anyone who can keep up with you is now going to have some serious fun. And that romantic idea you have? Make it work. The weekend may be more about groceries and bills than love, but you can definitely fit some of it in.


The beginning of the week is no time to be shy, not when you have all kinds of romantic possibilities within your reach (not to mention that your energy is so fantastic). Start fresh and start something new (or revamp something you already have going). But around Thursday and Friday, acting on a whim may not yield such good results. Think a little about the future. Then this weekend the smallest things can create the best bonds. An idea or activity does not have to be earth-shattering to bring people together in beautiful ways.


Those who think you’re a braggart will see a different side of you at the start of the week: sweet, demure, warm, witty. It’s basically all the things you normally are. They finally get it. Add in some amazing star energy around Thursday and Friday and you’ve got a week where you can pretty much have your way with romance. (And if you want to make more of an impression on these days, feel free. You’ll look great doing so.) Leave the weekend dates and parties to the weekend warriors. You are now more introverted and trying to sort out a matter of the heart.

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At the start of the week, you find yourself clicking well with others, whether you’re hanging out with friends or spending time with a sweetheart. Exchanging ideas and support energizes everyone involved. Then you may be asked to compromise on a matter of the heart around Thursday or Friday. Will you bend or break? A healthy heart is an adaptable heart. With the weekend comes great energy just for you. You look amazingly good in this light. Don’t hesitate to bat your eyelashes and work on your star power.


If your love life seems to be at a standstill at the start of the week, there are other paths to take and different roses to stop and smell. Value friends and family and be patient when it comes to romance. You’ll be back at the wheel on Thursday and Friday, and if you want to accelerate, then definitely go for it. A certain matter of quickening the heart in the direction you want it to go is not difficult at all. This weekend, on the other hand, you might want to laze around and let them come to you. That way you can be mindful of what they’re bringing along for the ride.


If Brainy is sexy (and he is), then you’ll be totally hot at the start of the week. Those wheels are definitely turning, and sharing your insightful thinking and brilliant concepts with a certain someone is sure to make an impact. A deep, meaningful conversation where we look each other in the eye a lot, well, you get the idea. You’ll probably be busy with work on Thursday and Friday, but by the weekend the energy returns with some romantic potential. It may not be of the sizzling variety, but cute and sweet have their time and place, and you are there. To enjoy!


An in-depth look at your love life is fruitful at the beginning of the week. Involve your partner if you have one, or have a friend think along and ask questions. Thursday and Friday seem lucky for you, and if you turn your attention to matters of the heart, there is little you cannot do. It’s that generous spirit of yours (not to mention your honesty and sense of humor) that reflects back to you. As for the weekend, while you’d rather deal with the big picture, noting the nuances and details when it comes to romance now has a dramatic impact.


Yes, romance is great, but focusing on one person to the exclusion of everything else isn’t healthy, and at the start of the week it’s a distinct possibility for you. Schedule time with friends and other distractions to expand your worldview. On Thursdays and Fridays, however, work demands your attention, and your sense of responsibility means you’re likely to put it first. Be efficient so that you can have this weekend off with some nice energy coming to you. Your self-confidence is very sexy and connections can really crackle now.


Getting centered takes a little extra effort at the beginning of the week. You may feel like your emotions are controlling you, and a romantic issue in particular can really confuse you. Stick to your normal routine, work, training and all, and expect some relief around Thursday and Friday. Change is possible now, and if you change your mind, it’s not a knee-jerk reaction. And when you look at love this weekend, you will see all dimensions, not just the surface. Ask a friend or someone specific to watch with you.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday offer energy that brings out all your already brilliant facets. You’re like a diamond in the spotlight, so who can blame them for wanting to steal your heart and bask in your natural beauty? Don’t wait until the weekend. Flirtation and dates shine on these days. You’ll probably be involved in work around Thursday and Friday (but be careful not to get involved in work drama). By the weekend, however, relationships come first, both friendships and more-than-friendships. Facts, schmacts. It’s all about romantic instinct now.

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