Sale of real estate in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties on March 17, 2024

By | March 17, 2024

These real estate transactions, recorded the week of March 4, were compiled from information on file for Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


729 N. Swords Ave., West Peoria: Joseph R. Fontana to Kimberlie A. and Mollie A. Hines, $78,000.

1125 S. Schmidt Ave., Peoria: Robert J. and Rhonda L. Pfister to Anthony Stiverson, $78,000.

2803 N. Victoria Ave., Peoria: Dianna Carothers to William Boudreau, $87,000.

1015 NE Monroe St., Peoria: Michael and Melissa Bushnell to Angela M. McBride, $92,000.

1520 E. Hendryx Place, Peoria: Timothy A. and Kimberly M. Mangan to Bradley Storm, $95,000.

1130 E. Euclid Ave., Peoria Heights: Shirley E. Fowler to Ranko Kronsnjar, $95,000.

5522 N. Montello Drive, Peoria: Georgia L. and Douglas L. Zarvell to My Buoy Blue LLC, $96,500.

1616 W. Barker Ave., Peoria: Franklin and Roopa Foulger to Jacinta Axelson and Christopher Faulkner, $100,000.

117 E. Rose Ave., Bartonville: Charles A. and Kathryn D. Gullette to Cory Lambie, $100,000.

1912 E. Purdue St., Peoria: Aaron Wooff to Colleen Donahue, $101,000.

211 Hopkins Street, Bartonville: Vickie Haffner to William Miller IV, $105,000.

310 E. Virginia Avenue, Peoria: Duane and Rhonda J. Branscumb to Twila Rutherford, $105,000.

2622 S. High Meadow Drive, Peoria: Joseph L. and Kristine M. Mowder to Scott and Ashley Litchfield, $113,000.

3237 W. Shoff Circle, Peoria: Brian J. Monge to Cassie M. Hillard, $113,500.

407 W. Birchwood Ave., Peoria: Christofer and Jaymee Draggist to DMS Innovations LLC, $123,500.

4208 N. Wycliffe Road, Peoria: Matthew L. Dutton to Alexander Faulkner, $138,500.

5520 N. Longwood Drive, Peoria: David and Cassandra R. Wilson to Elizabeth A. Bowman and Tyler A. Wetzel, $139,900.

712 W. Hatterman St., Bartonville: Joshua D. Knox to Ryan and Jennifer Parry, $142,500.

223 W. Wynnwood Drive, Peoria: Shane Bickett to Sarah L. Sealscott, $144,500.

1104 E. Moneta Ave., Peoria Heights: Matthew L. Krakel to Angela Noel, $148,500.

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203 E. Maple St., Elmwood: Linda H. and Stanley D. Lynall to Zachary Jurgensen, $153,500.

1519 NE Starr Terrace, Peoria: Happy Place Homes LLC to Christopher Pantle, $155,000.

4212 N. Rosemary Court, Peoria: Robert E. and Amy R. Ziemba to Sarah K. Harty, $165,000.

5045 N. Montclair Ave., Peoria Heights: David and Natalie Akerele to Montclair 5045D LLC, $173,500.

1640 W. Geneva Road, Peoria: Scott A. and Jennifer L. Reel to Al B. and Israa H. Shabeeb, $186,000.

5223 N. Merrimac Ave., Peoria: Zachary and Melissa Tortorella to Susan and Robert Hawkins, $200,000.

5200 N. Knoxville Ave., #104S, Peoria: Mayo J. Soady to Michael L. Starnes and Patricia J. Kelton, $212,500.

1213 E. Brookhill Road, Peoria: Judith A. and Christopher S. Hulett to David A. and Cassandra R. Wilson, $219,000.

1627 W. Gaylord Ave., Peoria: Marcos A. Jr. and Natalie N. Veliz to Deborah Keenan, $225,000.

917 W. Evergreen Drive, Chillicothe: Danny J. and Shawna G. Colwell to Laura A. and Thomas G. Youngman, $229,000.

5519 N. Deerfield Court, Peoria: Jermaine D. and Angela M. Flennoy to Jeffrey P. Wieland, $247,359.

1618 S. Eden Road, Hanna City: Valerie E. Bales and Sandy Jimenez to Jason C. Stark, $270,000.

701 N. Fourth St., Chillicothe: Dennis W. and Sandy K. Luckett to Chillicothe Donuts Property LLC, $300,000.

9107 N. Maher Road, Brimfield: Wayne A. and Deyona M. Streitmatter to Ryan D. and Leigha D. Streitmatter, $300,000.

1118 N. Glenwood Ave., Peoria: Sheila R. and Jared Trout to Eric W. and Rebecca A. Brockwell, $310,000.

6822 N. Grand Fir Drive, Edwards: Paul D. Chamberlain to Laura M. Volk, $329,000.

2518 W. Hidden Lake Court, Peoria: Robert C. and Ingeborg W. Wiesehan to Patricia J. Nitto, $350,500.

4007 W. Penny Lane, Dunlap: Samuel D. and Monica E. Moser to Cameron L. Litwiller and Ashley E. Wensing, $370,000.

2013 W. Liams Way, Dunlap: Patrick and Lydia Hoffman to Guillermo Campos, $390,000.

6022 W. Eaglecreek Drive, Peoria: Mark A. and Angie Smith to Daniel and Jamie L. Cobb, $420,000.

2513 W. Carrington Court, Dunlap: Sandra Collings and Diego De Castro to Patricia A. Deters, $439,000.

510 E. High Point Place, Peoria: Loren M. and Whitney A. Vincent to Cartus Financial Corporation, $490,000.

510 E. High Point Place, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corporation to Aaron T. and Katharine Dickerson, $490,000.

11109 S. Glasford Road, Glasford: Brennan and Katelyn Thomas to LJ Land Company LLC, $1,555,000.

1205 E. Corrington Ave., Peoria, 1020 E. Nebraska Ave., Peoria, 909 E. Gift Ave., Peoria, 2405 N. Delaware Ave., Peoria, 907 W. Thrush Ave., Peoria, 2110 and 2603 W. Garden St., Peoria, 1026 S. Westmoreland Ave., Peoria, 1824, 2112 and 2213 W. Lincoln Ave., Peoria, 531 Van Buren St., Peoria, 2401 W. Ann St., Peoria, 2125 W. Marquette St ., Peoria, 2007, 2706 and 2713 W. Humboldt St., Peoria, 2010 N. Atlantic Ave., Peoria, 2008 N. Indiana Ave., Peoria, 2001 W. Antoinette St., Peoria, 720 W. Armstrong Ave. , Peoria, 1311 N. Broadway St., Peoria, 1710 NE Jefferson Ave., Peoria, 703 Mary St., Peoria, 809 S. Matthew St., Peoria, 2102, 2214 and 2303 W. Millman St., Peoria, 1020 W. Willcox Ave., Peoria, 405 Phelps St., Peoria, 237 NE Rock Island Ave., Peoria, 1005 and 1708 NE Monroe St., Peoria, 616 Morton St., Peoria, 705 Voris St., Peoria, 1119 and 1505 NE Perry Ave., Peoria, 815 E. Ravine Ave., Peoria, 600 W. Hanssler Place, Peoria, 2308 N. Delaware Ave., Peoria, 1810 and 2141 N. Maryland Ave., Peoria, 1819 N. Bigelow St ., Peoria, 1620 N. Bourland Ave., Peoria, 1719 N. Valley Ave., Peoria, 3335 N. Leroy Ave., Peoria, 101 N. Sand St., Peoria, 1714 W. Smith St., Peoria, 422 & 428 S. Western Ave., Peoria, 802 and 805 S. Shelley St., Peoria, 2315 W. Starr St., Peoria, 1029 and 1400 S. Laramie St., Peoria, 1919 W. Clarke Ave., West Peoria , 2726 W. Wyoming St., Peoria, 3006 W. Krause Ave., Peoria, 708 W. Macqueen Ave., Peoria, 1005 and 1013 W. McClure Ave., Peoria, 1612 N. North St., Peoria, 1321 and 2021 S. Stanley St., Peoria, 1821 W. Butler St., Peoria, 123 S. Merriman Court, Peoria: Rhea & Jiya Investments LLC to B Cubed Investments LLC, $1,596,818.


716 N. 16th St., Pekin: Cory Lambie to Cullette Construction LLC, $80,000.

711 N. Minier Ave., Minier: Robert M. Cupi to Rickmore Investments Inc., $85,000.

1425 Illinois St., Beijing: Mark L. and Nancy E. Lock to Caleb and Hannah Guenther, $103,000.

420 Brentwood Road, Unit 301, Morton: Cynthia Archer to IRK Holdings LLC, $112,500.

700 Allyn St., Creve Coeur: Kara L. and Nathan Matthews to Nichole M. Reising, $115,000.

608 Fairview Ave., Creve Coeur: Investors Inc. to Hunter RE Brainard, $120,000.

1311 Chestnut Street, Pekin: Carolyn Morse to Heidi Goodman, $124,900.

1413 Charlotte St., Beijing: Lumax Futures LLC to Samantha Green, $125,000.

5 Court, Beijing: James Franco to Nathanial and Stephanie Killebrew, $130,000.

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2113 Springfield Road, East Peoria: Habitat For Humanity of the Greater Peoria Area Inc. to David L. and Sandra K. Backes, $159,000.

414 Crestlawn Drive, Washington: MAGA Investments of Tampa Florida LLC to Angela McConnell, $164,900.

509 N. Greenfield St., Tremont: Valerie A. Moore to Amy M. and Benjamin B. Vignassi, $166,000.

1412 Park Ave., Beijing: Kiley J. McCarty and Joseph D. Vogelsang Jr. to James Franco, $185,000.

Parcel number 17-17-08-100-007, Tazewell County: John C. and Misty J. Sauder to Anna R. and Talon R. Sauder, $185,177.

333 Derby St., Beijing: Charles D. and Nancy J. Onken to Amandeep Singh, $195,000.

411 Hillcrest Drive, Washington: Anthony J. Smith to Joseph and Tammy McGinnis, $195,000.

2 Country Lane, East Peoria: Robert S. David to Robert Nauman, $200,000.

4486 Townhall Road, Hopedale: Teddy Meredith to Alan and Korey O’Keefe, $230,000.

26459 Kentuckiana Road, Hopedale: Travis A. Riddle to Ashley N. Underhill, $285,000.

127 Barrington Lane, East Peoria: Daniel and Monika Davies to Chad M. and Tammy P. Lampe, $395,000.

Parcel number 07-07-04-200-011, Tazewell County: Keith R. Schick to Jeffrey C. Schick, $400,000.

Parcel number 07-07-08-400-003, Tazewell County: Cheryl A. and Scott A. Mickna to Riverside Acres Inc., $409,683.


203 Hillside Road, East Peoria: Mark W. Gerdom to Cole W. McMullen, $100,000.

309 N. Church St., Roanoke: Alan Kesselring and Jamie Wagner to Camp Manitoumi Inc., $187,560.

231 E. Audubon Hills Drive, Metamora: Megan J. Eilts to John Walsh and Kayla Murphy, $255,000.

725 Robinswood Lane, Metamora: Ronald R. and Carole J. Kellenberger to Joshua R. and Perla Stortzum, $260,000.

1326 Hickory Point Road, Metamora: Jeremy and Samantha Robbins to Kenneth and Megan Bannan, $350,000.

This article originally appeared in Journal Star: Illinois real estate: Home sales in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford counties

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