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seven jurors – and a warning for Trump

You are reading Guardian US’s free Trump on Trial newsletter. Sign up here to receive the latest court developments in your inbox On the docket: Trump in trouble (and seven jurors) It only lasted one day Donald Trump to end up in hot water with the judge Juan Merchan. Immediately after a potential juror left… Read More »

Judge extends Trump’s gag order after social media posts by the ex-president about the judge’s daughter

NEW YORK (AP) — Into court Donald TrumpThe April 15 hush-money criminal trial declared his family off-limits Monday over the former president’s grudge, extending a gag order days after Trump attacked his daughter and made false claims about her on social media. Manhattan Judge Juan M. Merchan modified a week-old ban on Trump making public… Read More »

Judge in hush money case gives Trump a partial gag order

The judge presiding over the criminal case against Donald Trump in New York imposed a partial gag order on the former president on Tuesday. State Judge Juan Merchan’s ruling orders Trump to “refrain” from “making or inciting others to make public statements about known or reasonably foreseeable witnesses regarding their potential participation” in the corporate… Read More »

Michael Cohen used artificial intelligence to fuel fake lawyer cases

NEW YORK – Michael Cohen, the former fixer for the former president Donald Trumpsaid in court papers released Friday that he accidentally gave his attorney false legal citations generated by the Google Bard artificial intelligence program. The fictitious quotes were used by Cohen’s attorney in a motion filed before federal judge Jesse Furman. Cohen, who… Read More »